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The Eleven Day Empire – Mike Dickinson

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Obverse Music’s first release is with an artist we wanted to work with from the very first time we discussed setting up a record label. Mike Dickinson (aka Dr Sausages) is an English electronic musician whose work we first came across on Bandcamp, and which we’ve had on pretty constant rotation at the Obverse Bungalow ever since.  The fact that he also loved Faction Paradox, the time travelling, bone mask wearing tricksters from the book range which Obverse publishes when wearing another hat just made it seem a destined collaboration…

Mike says: “I can still remember the first time I encountered Justine and the Faction.

She was at an auction in the Unthinkable City and at that time still possessed her own shadow. I followed the growth of her career as a prominent member of ‘The ritualistic time-travelling guerrilla organisation’ with considerable enthusiasm from The Faction Paradox Protocols through The True History of Faction Paradox and beyond.

A dark and terrible fascination that became the inspiration for this album.

Borrow a shadow and tread the dark and tangled streets of a twisted and hidden London.”

The Eleven Day Empire is an atmospheric slice of electronica with a distinct kosmische feel and was Mike’s first solo download release in 2020. It has been fully remastered for this Obverse Music CD release.

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